Management Presentation Coaching

Craftsbury takes a differentiated, experience driven approach to helping teams excel in management presentation.

The Need

The management presentation is one of the most important junctures of a sale process. It is the critical first opportunity for a management team to tell their story, bring the company to life and show their passion for seizing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Many operators find themselves in front of buyers for the first time, making it difficult to engage and present in a way that showcases the strengths of the business.  Even seasoned veterans need to understand what buyers are looking for and how to best connect with this unique audience.

The Solution

Craftsbury works alongside owners, investment bankers and managers to craft a management  presentation that enables the team to shine in a way that conveys passion for the business and excitement for the future. With the use of clear and direct feedback, we help each presenter find their authentic voice, so they present with confidence.

Craftsbury combines an in-depth knowledge of the exit process with proven presentation coaching expertise to create a bespoke experience that adds value to any process.

Why Craftsbury

Craftsbury Consulting’s Founder & CEO Caroline Young is a thought leader in the field of preparing for and overseeing the exit process. Caroline spent more than two decades in private equity, where she successfully navigated the sale of dozens of businesses with a combined enterprise value in the billions of dollars. Caroline has lived in the trenches of the exit process. She understands the crucial importance of an engaged management team that presents well, and, most importantly, she knows how to drive value.

Caroline was recognized by Mergers & Acquisitions magazine as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A and by the WSJ Pro as a Woman to Watch in PE.

Scope of the Typical Engagement

Craftsbury’s Management Presentation Engagement can be tailored to the needs of each deal, but typically it includes the following:

  • Interviews with key players and review of company financial/marketing materials to enable a clear understanding of value drivers, potential red flags, buyer interest and presenter dynamics
  • Meeting with the team to discuss important themes, helping them view the business through the lens of the buyer 
  • Participate in drafting/editing sessions of the presentation slide deck
  • Presentation page flips, assigning roles and reviewing key messaging
  • Practice buyer Q&A sessions to prepare the team for likely questions, ensuring key themes are addressed and an understanding of possible pitfalls 
  • In-person dry runs of the presentation, providing guidance and feedback to the presenting team
  • Individualized coaching for each presenter to help them hone the message and connect with their audience

Potential additions to the engagement include:

  • Confidential information presentation – provide feedback and editing assistance with the CIP/CIM
  • Fireside chat preparation – work with the investment bankers and participating team members to refine the slide deck and coach the team on delivery
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