Career Development

Craftsbury’s unique approach to career development provides an invaluable resource for companies seeking to attract, promote and retain top female talent. Craftsbury’s career development work can take the form of a One-on-One Engagement, Cohort Engagement, Group Workshops and/or retreats.

The Need

The evidence is clear: Companies with greater gender diversity outperform their peers on such important metrics as innovation, culture and financial performance. Studies show that firms with a strong record of promoting women to the executive suite are more profitable than those that do not.

Unfortunately, despite efforts to diminish the gender gap, many organizations still struggle to attract and retain top female talent for a variety of reasons:

  • Junior women lack senior female role models and sounding boards.
  • Cultural challenges often leave women feeling excluded; people want to belong.
  • Confidence issues can be compounded when an employee is the only woman in the room.
  • Lack of clear feedback on career progression can lead to frustration and attrition.

Workforces are stressed and turnover is at an all-time high. Employees need support now more than ever. They need a safe space to air uncertainties, they need role models and they need sounding boards. Finally, they need tools that will help them and their organizations thrive.

The Solution

Craftsbury’s Career Development Engagement addresses these pain points, helping firms become better homes for their female leadership and encouraging women to excel in their career paths. The efforts invested now will exponentially improve not only the lives of individual women in the workplace, but also the workplace itself.

Through Craftsbury’s guidance, clients learn to:

  • Recognize and play to their strengths
  • Hone their presentation styles to be more impactful
  • Increase confidence levels to overcome career hurdles
  • Develop leadership skills and a management style that enables them to build effective teams
  • Set goals and take strides toward their next promotion

The result is a team that draws from the unique talents of its individuals and functions more effectively, with clearer, more direct communication between supervisor and supervisee and a stronger sense of unity.

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